Saturday, February 07, 2009

One thing I'm really, really bad at is promoting things I make. (Just ask Kelly Lovejoy, my most diligent butt-kicker.) This week I've been stepping waaaayy out of my comfort zone, actually trying to get some of my work noticed. Here's the first result of my efforts: Songs in the Key of Color.

I like this post on that blog. How cool is it that our brains pull beauty in from around us and our hands translate it into a whole new kind of beauty?

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Madeline said...

What an apt description of your strong color choices. I love to talk about your art and do it when I'm wearing your jewelry.

And as for your 1. post - there is lots about that girl of your's that is so cool (Another Roadside Attraction was my "bible" at her age too). I look forward to getting to know her (and your whole family) better one day.