Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Since we have a profusion of chives, I'm giving chive blossom vinegar a try.

It's supposed to be delicious on salad - oniony but not overwhelming. I learned the other day that if you pop a chive blossom in your mouth it is both oniony and overwhelming.


Debbie said...

My son, who is not yet 5, eats our chive blossoms all the time. I catch him hovering in a corner, eyes watering, hands around his throat, practically gagging. "Spit it out." I suggest. And he does. And then he gets another one. :)

I'm going to try the vinegar. Do you just use regular white vinegar? Or something with a bit more flavour to start?

Rue said...

I used white wine vinegar. I've read that or apple cider vinegar are good choices, but you can use any vinegar. Some of the recipes I've seen call for the vinegar to be brought almost to boiling. Most didn't, though, so I just went with room temperature.

Debbie said...

I figured white wine would be perfect so had my husand pick some up on the way home. It's steeping as we speak. :>)