Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten years ago, when we moved into a neighborhood of farmers, I didn't know when strawberry season was. My food all came from the grocery store, where regardless of cardboard cut-out holiday decorations, seasons don't exist. I had dreamed of growing things, imagined gardens and fruit trees, but I knew so little and was so disconnected from how food grows that I didn't have any idea what I didn't know.

For me, this has been the year of the garden. I've spent hours preparing soil and planting things, but many more hours reading. I'm learning and learning and most days feel I can't learn fast enough to suit myself. I pick up a tip here and a tidbit there, and realize that even some of the things I thought I had figured out - you pick strawberries in June, with the new summer sun on your back - aren't quite so simple.

For weeks now I have gone outside with my colander, expecting this to be the day it comes back empty. It hasn't happened yet. I go out in a sweater and a jacket and pluck strawberries with cold fingers. Bright red berries poke out from under fallen leaves, and I feel exhilaratingly off balance.

I can't wait to find out what else I don't know.


Madeline Rains said...

You still have strawberries?! Up there? Amazing! We are about to film a planting strawberry tutorial on our farm blog but haven't had them this late, ever. What a green thumb you have miss Rue. Despite remembering, I missed the envelope of time to send you the sweet potatoes. Next year. I promise. Your hives are beautiful. Did you know you can use the wax to do encaustic art? I've saved ours to try it this winter.

jkream said...

Holy Oh My God - a new post!
and someone actually still comes by to notice after all these months?

Pretty berries - though - we should start a pool on when they will stop producing

Amy said...

Seriously - our strawberries didn't even make it to July. I definitely don't have the green thumb. :o) They look yummy.

Rue said...

I can't take any credit. All I'm doing is picking :o).

Madeline - I've missed you! (and not just because you have the most delicious sweet potatoes) I'll gratefully soak up any info you put on your farm blog.

Jon - what's your bet? I got a couple handfuls today.

Amy - there are different kinds of strawberries. Lots produce only in June. 'Everbearing' strawberries produce until it gets too cold. The kind I have are an everbearing called Tri-Star.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a new post! Your strawberries look so pretty. Is there nothing you can't do? We're going to have to call you, "Rue Can Do Anything Kream."
Time to start quilting again.

Rue said...

Oh, no, there's only one can-do-anything per family. (See how I kind of just insulted you by accident? Sorry. I'm sure you can do anything too.)

Donna said...

Some families have many.

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

I *have* to plant some of those next year. I don't know what kind we have here as they were planted before we built here.

I agree
with Jon...yay a new post!

and with Anna about the quilting! I'll quilt with you anytime!