Thursday, July 30, 2009

The craft room is coming together, evolving as we begin to use it. We still have some molding to hang and paint, and a bit of organizing to do, but already there's been lots of creating.

I didn't get pictures of everything, but here are some bits and pieces. Dagny and Andrew were working while I took pictures, and they were hot and sweaty and not feeling photogenic. There's also still a pile of paint and tools on the floor, not looking very pretty. I'll get some pictures of the rest another day, including the two tables my mom and I refinished.

The illustrations my mom gave us are perfect. We love them.

We ended up using seven out of the twelve, all along one wall. We don't have enough wall space for the rest, so we'll probably rotate them depending on the season.

This is my favorite.


Madeline said...

That looks awesome Rue! One of the 3 rooms I dream of having! The other 2 being a library and a mudroom.

Madeline Rains said...

Another Madeline, who is also so attracted to your art room (can't figure out how to fit in roadside...) I love the yellow. You knit and sew? On top of all of your other artistic pursuits? wow.

Rue said...

I knit very little, crochet a bit, and am working on my very first sewing project.

Most of the yarn and all of the fabric in there belongs to Dagny and Rowan. Dagny sews a lot. She's very excited not to have to drag the sewing machine out every time she wants to use it. Rowan's big request for the craft room was that her easel go in a particular corner, between the two windows.

So far we're very happy with how it's working. We can all be in there and have plenty of space to make our individual messes.