Sunday, May 10, 2009

There's color popping up everywhere, which for me is on the same level of importance as my ever-present big old glass of ice water. Just what I need to keep me happily alive. I'm drinking it in.

(Did you see the tiny little bug on the yellow flower?)

The Wisteria is just starting to wake up.

And so are these berries. Anyone besides my mom and sister know what these are?

For me, they're childhood in tree form.


kelli said...

Ooo.. pretty pictures :) I love columbine, I had some like that in MN. I don't know what the berries are.

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Please save me one or two. (or a lot!)

kelli said...

aww come on! I wanna know what they are!

Rue said...

Kelli - The monkey chased the weasel.

kelli said...

ahh, gotchya