Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm reading Dragon Spear, by Jessica Day George. It's the third in a series about a girl named Creel. Creel is a dressmaker, and (when not battling alongside dragons) designs elaborate embroidery patterns inspired by things she sees around her. Just reading about these designs makes me want to get myself a load of fabric and some floss, a notion that fades after I close the book and remember a needle in my hand usually winds up a needle in my hand.

I do like to imagine what Creel could do with these layers and colors and textures and lines, though.


laura said...

i'm gonna have to read these books. it puts me in mind of "gathering blue" by lois lowry. have you read that, she did amazing tapestries. actually, i'm re-reading "the giver" right now, which is the first in that series.

i love the name just sounds so cool!

Rue said...

Rowan loves this series. We haven't read the Lois Lowry ones. If you like them that'll probably convince Rowan to read them.

Creel is short for Creelisel. (Not 100% sure I'm spelling that right...)

laura said...

i've read all of lois lowry's "anastasia" books which are really good. her books for older kids (like "the giver" trilogy) are very different. i think rowan would like them, well, they will give you tons of stuff to talk about at least...that's for sure.

we went to the library last friday and i looked for the "dragon spear" series. they didn't have it so i had to request it from another library. looking forward to something new to read, hopefully one of the kids will be interested in hearing me read it outloud...that's one of my favorite things we used to do every single night, especially when we were reading a harry potter book. but now i get tired before they do and go to bed way before them. so i guess i'll have to try middle of the day!


AND, i'm looking so fancy these days, i wonder why! =)