Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm still working on that stretching my comfort zone thing, making an effort to get my shop out there. Today there's an interview on byhand.me, and another on a blog.

I took a peek at Julie Person's shop today, and she's only 2 sales away from 2,000 sales! How cool is that? Maybe some of you would like to be numbers 1999 and 2000? Her work is gorgeous. I love my tapestry (made by Julie and gifted to me by the Traaseths) and can't wait to hang it in its new spot in our studio/office/atelier/gunroom.

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kelli said...

from your interview, Dirty Little Secret was in my head too :) Alec thought my I-tunes was on random but I just wanted to hear that song. He didn't get that *g*