Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yesterday we visited Breakwater Beach, a bay-side beach in Brewster, right about where the Cape bends its elbow. Beautiful, right?

Beautiful, but much too cold for turtles. Rowan, Jon, and I joined the Dorseys on an (let's call it) invigorating walk. We were excited by the prospect of coming to the rescue of a chilly turtle, but glad in the end that there were none to be found. Hopefully they've made their way to warmer waters.


kelli said...

still looks beautiful to me :) but chilly. miss you guys!

Rue said...

Soooo much colder than the day we went to Duxbury. I was wearing snow pants and a parka but the wind whipped right through them.

It was so pretty, though. You could almost see the cold in the sunshine, if you know what I mean? I had planned to take a bunch of pictures but my fingers were too numb.

Madeline Rains said...

Brewster! I went to Cape Cod Sea Camps there, eons ago. sigh. Hope you're all warm and well.