Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As I made my way across the yard to the compost pile this afternoon I was thinking about tulips and sunshine. I was totally unprepared to see, as I rounded the corner of the garage, that our old peach tree had not survived the recent storm. I stumbled and stared and for a split second of disbelief thought some other tree must've lost a really big branch.

I feel a bit silly to admit how much affection I have for this tree and how sad I am to see it sprawled across the grass. I'm wondering if my neighbor, who grew up in this house and planted many of the trees in our yard, is sad to see it too.

Jon, Rowan, and Dagny gave me a peach tree a few years ago, so happily there will still be peaches for the Kreams.

But I'll miss the gnarly old tree that gave me my very first warm-from-the-sunshine peach.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

As a fellow gnarly old tree lover, and a lover of your peaches... sorry about your tree :(

Anonymous said...
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Harmony Woods Farm said...

Ohhh I'm sorry.I'm right there with you. I'm always devastated when a tree falls. ALL livings things have a place in our hearts.