Friday, January 29, 2010

Sometimes I forget to look at what I like about our house. I see what needs to be cleaned or what I'd like to replace or what project has been sitting way longer than I would like. I'm using my camera a bit lately to help me see what I don't want to take for granted. What makes our house OUR house.

Ok, so to take this picture I had to dodge the very big pile of flooring that's been sitting in the (unfinished) hallway off the living room for an awfully long time. Who cares? I have a swing and a pillow pile! And so so many memories of happy people in this spot.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love that swing. Hmmmm....getting ideas! :)
I often get caught up in what I don't like about our house...the fact that it's the size of a shoebox and there is no storage and I suck at cleaning. Oh well that last one isn't the house's fault. But the size is one of the reasons we bought it. It's nice to get a fresh perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

Rue said...

Definitely think about a swing! Ours has gotten a ton of use over the years.

Dana said...

We have a trapeze in our house very reminiscent (and used primarily) as a swing. Thanks for helping me refocus from the "things yet to be completed" to "things that make my heart sing."

I think a pillow pile may be in our future!!! How did ya'll build the base that contains the pillows?
Dana (from GA)

Rue said...

We cut plywood in the shape we wanted, then attached wood with brackets to make the little wall to hold the pillows in. The plywood is attached to the floor with a few nails - not enough to damage the floor, but enough to hold it in place. The whole thing is covered in batting and fabric.

marcia said...

Thanks for the reminder look at what IS loved and what HAS been done in our home.
You know I love that pillow pile!

Anonymous said...

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kelli said...

I love that space. My screensaver on my computer, which is in our space where we most often hang out, rotates through my pictures. I often get to see ones of us reclining in your pillow pit, there's a really cute one of Tim, me, Andrew and Dagny. Good memories :)

kelli said...

OK, pillow pile sounds better than pillow pit... sorry about that!

Rue said...

Pillow pit works, too :o).