Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Imagine you had a sister, and you liked to talk to your sister about quilts, because you really love quilts, and she makes quilts, and you're pretty sure that as much as you love quilts you're lacking whatever gene it is that would enable you to make one yourself, but you love to look at them and dream about them and talk about them and she understands.

Ok, so you've got this sister, and you email her a picture of a quilt you like, and she emails back saying that it'd be a great quilt for a beginner, so simple!

Flash forward. You've pieced the top. Yay! Your sister comes over so you can lay the quilt out together. She eats her words.

Then she goes home. And you're slightly terrified but simultaneously thrilled with the potential prettiness.

(As I look at the picture I immediately see some squares that can't stay where they are. That's ok. I'm going to make a couple of squares out of the fabric we chose for the borders, binding, and back,

so I'll be swapping out a few.)


Donna said...

So pretty!
Love you.
Mom xoxoxo

jkream said...

so, should we have a contest to see if we can guess the squares that have to go?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so it is harder than we originally thought. Just think, if I had said it is really hard you never would have started, and you still wouldn't believe me that you can do this....and you can! It looks so beautiful in this picture. You can do this, you can do this, you are doing this!! Have fun and don't be are doing this! Isn't is fun? Are you hooked yet?

Zenmomma said...


Anonymous said...

You did well! It looks wonderful.