Thursday, September 10, 2009

A comment Kelly Lovejoy made while she was visiting has me thinking about refrigerators. So here's a blog challenge for whoever wants to take it: What does your refrigerator look like on an average day? Is it crammed and messy? Neat and organized? What's in it right now?

Here's what ours looked like Thursday. Jon went grocery shopping the night before, so this is pretty typical.

(Not everything is what it seems. We re-use containers - particularly jars - over and over again.)

(Petunia is diligent in her efforts to make sure no food escapes from the fridge unnoticed.)

Here's what's in our fridge right now (items marked with * are made by us):

Orange Juice
Grape Juice
Pineapple Juice
Iced Tea (I kinda wish Kelly Lovejoy would move here just so she could make us iced tea all the time. I do have her recipe. Not sure Jon would want to live without his Arizona, though.)
Sour Cream
Heavy Cream
(We currently get our milk from a farm but are hoping to be able to start getting it from a different one that's trying to get approval to sell raw milk - either way I'm planning to experiment with making butter and yogurt soon.)
*Peach Habanero Marinade
*Blueberry Honey Butter
*Strawberry Honey Butter
*BBQ Sauce
*Rose Petal Jelly
*Habanero Peach Preserves
*Maple, Strawberry, and Blueberry Syrup
*Strawberry and Blueberry Preserves
*Hot Sauce version 3.0
Various condiments and dressings
Blueberries (We've planted 18 bushes, but they're not producing much of anything yet.)
Strawberries (We'll be planting a LOT of strawberries next year.)
Herbs and Veggies including (off the top of my head...) broccoli, sweet and hot peppers, greens, garlic, cilantro, carrots, ginger, zucchini, summer squash (I paid a lot of attention this summer to what veggies and herbs we eat most, so I can better plan next year's garden.)
Alfredo Sauce
Salsa (Last week I made fresh salsa and, while it wasn't as spicy as I expected, it was really good.)
Bread (You've got a good shot at fresh bread in our house, but that's on the counter.)
Pizza Dough (I'm on the lookout for the perfect pizza dough. Got a favorite recipe?)
Eggs (I've always been interested in having chickens for 'eggs and atmosphere' as someone said to me yesterday, but I don't think I'd deal well with the inevitable losses. I'm happy to be able to get our eggs from Chloe's chickens, who seem to have everything chickens could possibly want.)
*Peanut Butter Bars
Vegan Marshmallows
*Smashed Chickpea Salad
*Toasted Ravioli
*Fried Rice
*Rice Pudding
*Sundried Tomato Pesto
*Mac and Cheese
Deli meat
Sliced , Chunk, Shredded, Ricotta, and Cream Cheese (Yes, that's a lot of cheese. Jon and Rowan are going to be learning to make cheese in November.)
Veggie Stock (I don't know why I don't make my own veggie stock when it's so simple.)
Applesauce (I make a mean applesauce, but this jar's not homemade.)
*Cookie Dough
Hot Fudge and Butterscotch
Hershey Syrup
Whipped Cream (We love homemade, but sometimes you just need a tub of Cool Whip.)
Frosting (Again, we like homemade, but sometimes you just need a tub of frosting.)

Leave a link in the comments if you do this on your blog.

Next blog challenge: planning, buying, and eating food.


jkream said...
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Madeline said...

There is a place in Halifax that I believe sells raw milk. I am quite afraid of what is in my fridge but I suppose if it were made into a challenge I might be more aware and therefore better about what old stuff may be lurking;)

Madeline said...

I did it!

me said...
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me said...
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me said...

would like to add that you have not truly lived until you are invited to Rue’s house (and her refrigerator). Just trying to open the door gives you goosebumps , the sheer heft of it is amazing.

But what is most fun is that it is such a goat rodeo of food that as soon as you open the door your head explodes.

Anyone that knows Rue knows how anal retentive…I mean organized she is, but her refrigerator is PURE CHAOS!!! Not that Rue can’t find stuff, she knows EXACTLY where and how to get anything in that monstrosity. It is just so jam packed with food and drinks and love that it cracks me up. If you had a fridge like it, you would NEVER find anything.

So – I say grovel!!! GROVEL on your belly to Rue, send her photos of you groveling and see if you are lucky enough to be invited to her house and her fridge….and maybe, just maybe, her hidden stash of ice cream, no, not the everyday crap in the freezer…the stash I never was privy to, until I had the boy with blue eyes…

Michele James-Parham said...

I posted about my fridge awhile back...though I didn't list everything. I'm sure if you view the pictures in their own window, you can make out most of what's in there.

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