Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday night Jon, Rowan, and I headed to Waterfire in Providence, RI with the infamous Coxsays. We saw dragons and gondoliers, acrobats and dancers. We ate kettle corn and fried dough and watched Timmy decide that the taste of cotton candy is well worth feeling that weird sensation in his mouth.

Sunday was a happy, busy day with West Bridgewater's annual Park Day celebration and the Harvest Festival at Soule Homestead. We met up with my mom, and briefly with the Dorseys.

We missed most of the clown's show, but I did manage to catch him taking a break.

At Park Day they had cotton candy on a stick, and Rowan and I agreed that it's much more fun (and photogenic) that way.

By now I imagine you're thinking, doesn't Rue have two kids? What's happened to Dagny? While we've been having all sorts of fun here, Dagny's been off on her own adventures. She got home last night from a week-long trip to New York. She and Jessica are hanging out here for a week or so before heading off again, this time to Arkansas. Dagny'll be gone for three whole weeks and will be flying home from Arkansas by herself. She is adventurous and happy and very, very big.

Little babies don't stay little for very long. Let them sleep on your chest. Pick them up when they want to be carried. Cherish the lint between their toes. Love them in every little thing you do.


gail said...

With Logan at NBTSC and Brenna at college (and really missing us), this really hit home with me. I'm glad Dagny is having so much fun but know you will be so happy to have her home again. Much love from Florida to you all!

Velma's said...

Who'd you buy the kettle corn from? Who down in Rhode Island makes it?

Schuyler said...

Simon 11 and Linnaea is 8 and I feel so much this growing and stretching and expansion and while I am glad that they are doing all of those things I miss those little toes and those little fingers and the sweet baby snores.