Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sandra posted in my comments about some art that was created with the Learn Nothing Day art she and Holly made. Anza has kindly agreed to let me post it here.

Rowan and I were just talking last night about whether there's a relationship between how interesting a person's name is and how interesting their life is. I hope it's true for Anza Firetail!


Anza said...

Hee, thanks!

Anza Firetail isn't my real name, though, it's my nom de plume, both for internet and for creative endeavours.

Well, I guess that does make it my real name, since it's my name and it's real, but what I meant is... it's not the name I was born with, it's not the name I use in day-to-day (non-internet) life.

My other name is plenty interesting too though! It's Anath.

You and your childrens' names are really interesting also, and pretty!

Ren said...

Wow..that IS a pretty name. Both of them.:)

The picture reminds me of a character from "Skellig". Her name is Mina and she spends a lot of time in trees...oh, and she's an unschooler.

I love it!