Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sandra has decreed July 24th 'Learn Nothing Day'. The idea made my kids feel quite panicky. I bet they'll like this artwork by Sandra and Holly, though.


Sandra Dodd said...

Do you like the way Holly worked your name in there? I'm going to make more and better to links to the page (and some of the images could use an intermediate page, maybe) but for now it's here:
and that has a link to your page on your book.

I figure it's one of the images that will be recognizable to tons of unschoolers!

Rue said...

I love the whole thing! All the art that was chosen and how the colors and shapes come together. Very cool.

The E is especially neat for my kids because Dagny took that picture and it's Rowan's head. :o)

Sandra Dodd said...

There's a piece of art in progress involving that "E" and when it's declared finished, I'll put it on my blog.

There will be more to the painting before it's done.