Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We broke out the window paint for our trip and our car was a rolling advertisement for fun, happiness, and unschooling (and how much D hearts A). On the highways and at hotels we saw people reading, looking either horrified or intrigued, and talking to the people they were with about it. In Asheville, NC we were stopped by a bunch of people on the street, and every reaction we got was positive. It was so much fun I decided to make it a more permanent addition to our car.

I went to thriftysigns.com to order a nice big magnet. One window in particular had gotten a lot of attention, so I used what was written on it and threw in a bit of advertising. (Kelly Lovejoy will be so proud of me!) When I realized my design was looking kind of bland I called in a professional, and Rowan took my words and made them look cool.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of a reaction ten words on a 12"x24" magnet will get in our little town.


kelli said...

Very cool Rue, and nice designing Rowan! That would make a good bumper sticker too!

Deanne said...

I'm sure that will get people talking. Go Rue!

Madeline said...

Your insomnia had me advertising your site on my blog today. : )

I like the magnet design.

mk said...

You should make more and sell them to those of us that would love to have one.