Thursday, July 26, 2007

A post about Lucy, at Rowan's request.

Rowan's not a Barbie kind of girl. She's not a Bratz kind of girl either, although she'll be happy to play Bratz with certain friends who LOVE them. (emphasis from Rowan)

Rowan searched for a doll that didn't look like a teenager, or a rock star, or a fashionista, or a diva. A doll who looked like a kid - like her. Luckily, she found Lucy.

After spending a lot of time with Lucy, we've realized that she's not a doll at all. Rowan, who knew that all along, says, "Lucy is an individual and shall be treated as such."

Lucy likes to sit in the living room when we're downstairs. She tries to remember to go to bed at 10:00, but sometimes she's just having too much fun to think of it. She likes to go to the drive-in and she likes to play and go on the computer with Rowan.

Personally, I love Lucy's hair. She lets me comb it sometimes, but braids are not allowed. Lucy says they're too tight. Sounds like someone else I know who tells me her hair can't breathe when I braid it.


kelli said...

Will Lucy be coming with to L & L?

Rue said...

Rowan's not sure yet. She's worried Lucy won't get a lot of attention if she brings her. But of course, if she leaves her home she's not getting attention either. So she's thinking about it.