Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I leave my camera in the living room. I like when I turn it on and see pictures someone else took. The puppies are a popular subject. Dammit doesn't know that she sticks her tongue out while she's sleeping. She fancies herself very dignified and I don't think she'd believe it for a minute. But now we have photographic evidence.

Today Dagny took some pictures for me - our new dining room table and my completed blanket.

The blanket's really big, but I like these pictures of bits and pieces of it. My next project is a poncho. I'm copying Kelli, because I like hers so much. I'm using the Kathmandu vegan yarn from Wool Peddler. I'm a little nervous because it's my first crochet project with a pattern, but Dagny checked it out and thinks I can handle it.

Here's some pretty fun: Boomshine

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kelli said...

OOOhh, Rue, I love the afghan, its awesome! The different colors and stitches look so cool. Great job!